#774: (C86) [Popochichi (Yahiro Pochi)] Kaga-san Nuretemasu? (Kantai Collection)

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Kaga’s always been a meek, cold type of girl. However, after judging who is the “better” battleship between Nagato and Bismarck, her feelings finally come to the surface through the power of the di– love, through the power of love.

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#773: (C86) [Popochichi (Yahiro Pochi)] Amatsukaze-chan Asekkaki (Kantai Collection)

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(C86) [Popochichi (Yahiro Pochi)] Amatsukaze-chan Asekkaki (Kantai Collection)

Due to her high body temperature, Amatsukaze is always hot and sweaty. And what’s the perfect way to cool down an always-hot-and-sweaty kind of girl? By having hot and sweaty sex with her, of course!

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#772: [100yen locker] Tanned Girls Are The Best!

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Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 3.42.00 PMSports girls and their spats. Like the editor Nouz would say: UNF.

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#771: [Maeshima Ryo] Adult Games (Megamilk 21)



Middle schooler sells her body for some money and is almost bored. One day she finds a really skilled man who knows how to press the right buttons… And he makes her cum over and over. And over. Really, she basically melts down at the end.

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#770: [Popochichi (Yahiro Pochi)] Cock Conquest – Bouryaku no Zvezda


[Popochichi (Yahiro Pochi)] Cock Conquest - Bouryaku no Zvezda (ENG) =TV=

Zvezda’s new plan to take over the world: Gain control of the cocks.

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#769: [G-complex (YUI_7)] The Orange Prince and Words of Love


happilyneverafterA somewhat bittersweet story from Yui_7.

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#768: [NICOLAI (Orico)] Shoujo Peony


familyplanningSo what happens after you come out of the closet?
The usual joint with Yuri-ism.
You can read the prequel here.

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