#748: (C85) [[Mitarashi Club (Mitarashi Kousei)] Rinko-mama to Issho (Gundam Build Fighters)

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Here’s some Rinko Iori goodness with more to come so stay tuned.
A collab with Funeral of Smiles.

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#747: [Ogata Akira] Foreign Bride, Age 8 (Comic LO 2013-09 Vol. 114)


Thought I’d release this while it was raining, but the clouds stop for nobody, I guess.
If the art looks familiar, it’s because artist’s circle name is Yonsai Books.

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#746: [Erect Sawaru] Jikken! After School (Oppai Infinity)

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Vanilla? In my ET?

Vanilla? In my ET?

So ET did some more vanilla!
Enjoy this 4-page colour short from his non-PANDRA tank Oppai Infinity.

On second thought I should have released this yesterday and go April Fools, it’s actually NTR rewritten as banirra!


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#745: [Yukimi] Stay Seeds Ch.2 (COMIC HOTMiLK 2012-01)


01Somehow, this is the first time Team Vanilla’s done something by the amazing Yukimi. Mumei’s taking over from the vanished anon who did ch.1.
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#744: [Yukiu Con] Marolly!


Student has a crush on her teacher? Sounds pretty original to me.
Chapter 2 of “Shoujo ha Kyou,.” Get chapter 1 here
or the entire tank (so far) at exhentai.

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#743: (C83) [TwinBox (Sousouman, Hanahanamaki)] Aisai to Onsen Ryoko (Sword Art Online)

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001 (4)Congrats to TzMarko for the excellent sfx redraws in this one.
Full colour hot springs sex FTW.
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#742: (C85) [Jenoa Cake (Takayaki)] Ware, Suzuya ni Kanpaisu (Kantai Collection)



Ship-girl ftw

As much as I disliked C85 for being taken over by KanColle (so much potential works lost because of some browser game), I have taken quite the liking to the ship-girls. The scenarios are limited, but the variety of girls more than makes up for it. So I guess C85 wasn’t a total loss after all. Then again, don’t take me seriously, I have very biased opinions.

Rants aside, enjoy some TakayaKi KanColle with Suzuya.
PS: I get to read up about a lot of Japanese Naval history thanks to these doujins.

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