#772: [100yen locker] Tanned Girls Are The Best!

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Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 3.42.00 PMSports girls and their spats. Like the editor Nouz would say: UNF.

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#761: [Ohigetan] Ten Minutes’ Sex With Sister


coverNo plot, no foreplay. Just sex.

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#746: [Erect Sawaru] Jikken! After School (Oppai Infinity)

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Vanilla? In my ET?

Vanilla? In my ET?

So ET did some more vanilla!
Enjoy this 4-page colour short from his non-PANDRA tank Oppai Infinity.

On second thought I should have released this yesterday and go April Fools, it’s actually NTR rewritten as banirra!


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#743: (C83) [TwinBox (Sousouman, Hanahanamaki)] Aisai to Onsen Ryoko (Sword Art Online)

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001 (4)Congrats to TzMarko for the excellent sfx redraws in this one.
Full colour hot springs sex FTW.
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#740: [clesta] CL-orz 31 (Nisekoi)

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Typical setup: MC tries to get tomboy to wear girl clothes,
gets footjobs and sex instead.

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#692: [Shiwasu no Okina] Perverted Body Measurement and Sex Check-up: Plus boobs x2 & Anastasia (The iDOLM@STER CINDERELLA GIRLS)


Sexy Idols 2: Elecric Boogaloo

A short sequel to the first. Props to Belldandy100 for edit+decensor.

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#674: [TakayaKi] Shuugakuryokou to Gyaruko-san [COMIC X-EROS #01]



8-page full colour continuation of Otonashi-kun to Gyaruko-san, which was translated by TheIndividualEleven.
Our new couple has come to the amusement park on a class field trip. Oosaki manages to piss off the meek Yoshida and things escalate faster than the roller coaster! Soon, she’s riding something more than the ferris wheel…

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