#783: [Mizuryu Kei] My Neighbor, Rina-san (COMIC Megastore Alpha 2014-11)



Lots of women in hentai make stupid decisions, no matter how smart they’re portrayed as being. They may get good grades, but they don’t know how to use the internet. They’re master detectives, but they fall for blackmail and completely fail to predict where it’s going to lead them. In this work, we get some honesty: a housewife who’s just plain stupid. Her IQ’s clearly below average, and the author makes no apologies for it. Just lots of sex.

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#782: [Karma Tatsurou] Rainsnow


P20410/10 would risk getting hypothermia for.

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#779: [Tsumetoro] Happiness is a Meat Explosion!


fatbottomedgirlsNew artist time! Chi wants to lose weight to look good for her boyfriend;
what she doesn’t know is he already loves her the way she is: HEALTHY.

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#765: My Younger Sister is a Scylla – Shamuran’s Happiness


001__000A cute be-tentacled imouto spends quality time with her onii-chan.
Prologue to *My Younger Sister is a Scylla* by Horitomo,
from his tank *Unreal Syndrome*.

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#763: (C77) [MUGENKIDOU A (Tomose Shunsaku)] Kaii no Shiwaza (Bakemonogatari)


(C77) [MUGENKIDOU A (Tomose Shunsaku)] Kaii no Shiwaza (Bakemonogatari)

Aryaryagi Koyomi got some.

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#762: (C84) [Tonpuuratei (Saemon)] Yukata Iku-san to Ichaicha shitai!! (Touhou Project)

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(C84) [Tonpuuratei (Saemon)] Yukata Iku-san to Ichaicha shitai!! (Touhou Project)


Iku-san’s boyfriend gives her a yukata, fireworks and vanilla love (mostly the latter) ensue.

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#760: (Kouroumu 9) [Area14 (Kasei)] Moriyajinja he youkoso (Touhou Project)

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(Kouroumu 9) [Area14 (Kasei)] Moriyajinja he youkoso (Touhou Project) (ENG) =TV=

Three toehoes whore themselves out for some money faith.

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