#765: My Younger Sister is a Scylla – Shamuran’s Happiness


001__000A cute be-tentacled imouto spends quality time with her onii-chan.
Prologue to *My Younger Sister is a Scylla* by Horitomo,
from his tank *Unreal Syndrome*.

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#763: (C77) [MUGENKIDOU A (Tomose Shunsaku)] Kaii no Shiwaza (Bakemonogatari)


(C77) [MUGENKIDOU A (Tomose Shunsaku)] Kaii no Shiwaza (Bakemonogatari)

Aryaryagi Koyomi got some.

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#762: (C84) [Tonpuuratei (Saemon)] Yukata Iku-san to Ichaicha shitai!! (Touhou Project)

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(C84) [Tonpuuratei (Saemon)] Yukata Iku-san to Ichaicha shitai!! (Touhou Project)


Iku-san’s boyfriend gives her a yukata, fireworks and vanilla love (mostly the latter) ensue.

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#760: (Kouroumu 9) [Area14 (Kasei)] Moriyajinja he youkoso (Touhou Project)

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(Kouroumu 9) [Area14 (Kasei)] Moriyajinja he youkoso (Touhou Project) (ENG) =TV=

Three toehoes whore themselves out for some money faith.

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#758: (COMIC1☆8) [Hi-per Pinch (clover)] NZ (Otoyomegatari)



Have of consensual married sex, with a dash of femdom and watersports thrown in.

If you haven’t read the source material yet, Otoyomegatari is a masterpiece manga! It revolves around the social lives of the nomads of central Asia. The most striking feature is Mori Kaoru’s spellbinding art. Clover’s a good artist (heck one of my top-ten faves with his line art and cross-hatched style) but it doesn’t come anywhere near the original.



#754: (Kouroumu 9) [100yen MoFA (Mirino)] Myon Shota (Touhou Project)

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(Kouroumu 9) [100yen MoFA (Mirino)] Myon Shota (Touhou Project) (ENG) =TV=

Youmu teaches a younger boy about the wonders of sex.
This was done as a request over at LWB. Go here and make a request if you want to see more vanilla goodness.

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#746: [Erect Sawaru] Jikken! After School (Oppai Infinity)


Vanilla? In my ET?

Vanilla? In my ET?

So ET did some more vanilla!
Enjoy this 4-page colour short from his non-PANDRA tank Oppai Infinity.

On second thought I should have released this yesterday and go April Fools, it’s actually NTR rewritten as banirra!


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