#746: [Erect Sawaru] Jikken! After School (Oppai Infinity)

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Vanilla? In my ET?

Vanilla? In my ET?

So ET did some more vanilla!
Enjoy this 4-page colour short from his non-PANDRA tank Oppai Infinity.

On second thought I should have released this yesterday and go April Fools, it’s actually NTR rewritten as banirra!


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#744: [Yukiu Con] Marolly!


Student has a crush on her teacher? Sounds pretty original to me.
Chapter 2 of “Shoujo ha Kyou,.” Get chapter 1 here
or the entire tank (so far) at exhentai.

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#742: (C85) [Jenoa Cake (Takayaki)] Ware, Suzuya ni Kanpaisu (Kantai Collection)



Ship-girl ftw

As much as I disliked C85 for being taken over by KanColle (so much potential works lost because of some browser game), I have taken quite the liking to the ship-girls. The scenarios are limited, but the variety of girls more than makes up for it. So I guess C85 wasn’t a total loss after all. Then again, don’t take me seriously, I have very biased opinions.

Rants aside, enjoy some TakayaKi KanColle with Suzuya.
PS: I get to read up about a lot of Japanese Naval history thanks to these doujins.

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#685: [Werk (Andou Shuuki)] Oshigoto After 6 (THE iDOLM@STER)


Takane and Miki barge in on Hibiki and her Producer’s private time.

But right when Miki starts getting serious…

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#672: (C84) [Number2 (Takuji)] Saori Ojousama no [Hiyaku]



Another nice little story from Number2 showing us a female’s way to answer an ancient dilema…. Harems!

“How can I have a piece of my loved one if there’s not enough of him to physically go around for all his lovers, and him having eight arms and penises growing out of his skin not being an option?” you may ask….

Well, Saori’s answer is simple, clone him into an army of orgiastic fiends and let him submit you to his needs! or yours for that matter!

Aside from side effects like exhaustion, shortness of breath, being in a perpetual daze or the random pregnancy or two,  you’ll have plenty of him without having to worry about sharing!




#667: (C84) [Wata 120 Percent] TastYui 2 (To-Love Ru Darkness)

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It’s the return of everyone’s favorite tsundere! In full color!

While walking, Yui finds a cute kitty out in the rain and takes it home, unbeknownst to her it actually is Nemesis in cat form, who then procedes to “thank” Yui for her kindness in good ol’ Yuuki Rito fashion.







#665: (C84) [ReDrop (Miyamoto Smoke & Otsumami)] Hajimete no Miki (The Idolmaster)

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Thorough a number of circumstances Miki ends up at Producer’s home for the night, once there the self conscious pair discover things about each other they wouldn’t know otherwise, which lead to some much needed sweet and tender love making, and a firsthand harsh lesson for Producer about the dangers of having an idol for a girlfriend.






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