#747: [Ogata Akira] Foreign Bride, Age 8 (Comic LO 2013-09 Vol. 114)


Thought I’d release this while it was raining, but the clouds stop for nobody, I guess.
If the art looks familiar, it’s because artist’s circle name is Yonsai Books.

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#744: [Yukiu Con] Marolly!


Student has a crush on her teacher? Sounds pretty original to me.
Chapter 2 of “Shoujo ha Kyou,.” Get chapter 1 here
or the entire tank (so far) at exhentai.

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#736: [Yukiu Con] Asumi Pink File!


Girl wants attention from her brother, asks you to have sex with her
to make him jealous. Do you accept? Y/N

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#734: [Uso (Kuzuyo)] Holiday


It is always an anxiety to some people that there will come a day
when those people they hold special will someday go away.
More to those who aren’t ready to part ways with their special someone
and especially when there’s a big gap on your ages.

A not-so-arranged valentines release from Team Vanilla,
a short, mildly sweet story from Kuzuyu. Sequel to this.

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#727: (C84) [SLeeVe (Sody)] Decomposition And Choice Vol.2


01-(1)This is a book about decomposing little girls… Actually, it isn’t at all, although it might explain where all their clothes went.
This art book is super tame, but you can find much more on his Pixiv.
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#707: (SC57) [Daiginjou Masshigura (Doburocky)] Suika no Anyaru Zubozubon (Touhou Project)

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Translated a long time ago by Wrathkal, and now edited thanks to Mattish.

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#693: (C84) [Torajima-shi Kouhouka (Torajimaneko)] Sakura has become a monster?!


01 (2)
Giant loli destroys peaceful town, arousing/killing many.
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