#770: [Popochichi (Yahiro Pochi)] Cock Conquest – Bouryaku no Zvezda

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[Popochichi (Yahiro Pochi)] Cock Conquest - Bouryaku no Zvezda (ENG) =TV=

Zvezda’s new plan to take over the world: Gain control of the cocks.

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#763: (C77) [MUGENKIDOU A (Tomose Shunsaku)] Kaii no Shiwaza (Bakemonogatari)


(C77) [MUGENKIDOU A (Tomose Shunsaku)] Kaii no Shiwaza (Bakemonogatari)

Aryaryagi Koyomi got some.

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#760: (Kouroumu 9) [Area14 (Kasei)] Moriyajinja he youkoso (Touhou Project)

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(Kouroumu 9) [Area14 (Kasei)] Moriyajinja he youkoso (Touhou Project) (ENG) =TV=

Three toehoes whore themselves out for some money faith.

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#747: [Ogata Akira] Foreign Bride, Age 8 (Comic LO 2013-09 Vol. 114)


Thought I’d release this while it was raining, but the clouds stop for nobody, I guess.
If the art looks familiar, it’s because artist’s circle name is Yonsai Books.

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#744: [Yukiu Con] Marolly!


Student has a crush on her teacher? Sounds pretty original to me.
Chapter 2 of “Shoujo ha Kyou,.” Get chapter 1 here
or the entire tank (so far) at exhentai.

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#736: [Yukiu Con] Asumi Pink File!


Girl wants attention from her brother, asks you to have sex with her
to make him jealous. Do you accept? Y/N

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#734: [Uso (Kuzuyo)] Holiday


It is always an anxiety to some people that there will come a day
when those people they hold special will someday go away.
More to those who aren’t ready to part ways with their special someone
and especially when there’s a big gap on your ages.

A not-so-arranged valentines release from Team Vanilla,
a short, mildly sweet story from Kuzuyu. Sequel to this.

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