#789: (C86) [Mousou Deguchi (Unou)] LUSTBREEDERS 2 (Yotsubato!)



Fuuka and Koiwai do lewd things. Then, suddenly Yotsuba!


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#769: [G-complex (YUI_7)] The Orange Prince and Words of Love


happilyneverafterA somewhat bittersweet story from Yui_7.

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#755: [Miyabi] Henkoi (Junjou Shoujo Et Cetera Ch.4)


pancakeBrought to you by the army of one Mumei.

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#746: [Erect Sawaru] Jikken! After School (Oppai Infinity)


Vanilla? In my ET?

Vanilla? In my ET?

So ET did some more vanilla!
Enjoy this 4-page colour short from his non-PANDRA tank Oppai Infinity.

On second thought I should have released this yesterday and go April Fools, it’s actually NTR rewritten as banirra!


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#734: [Uso (Kuzuyo)] Holiday


It is always an anxiety to some people that there will come a day
when those people they hold special will someday go away.
More to those who aren’t ready to part ways with their special someone
and especially when there’s a big gap on your ages.

A not-so-arranged valentines release from Team Vanilla,
a short, mildly sweet story from Kuzuyu. Sequel to this.

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#727: (C84) [SLeeVe (Sody)] Decomposition And Choice Vol.2


01-(1)This is a book about decomposing little girls… Actually, it isn’t at all, although it might explain where all their clothes went.
This art book is super tame, but you can find much more on his Pixiv.
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#677: (SC37) [Alpha to Yukaina Nakamatachi] I became an Expert!



A schoolgirl tries to get the answers for the upcoming exam from her new teacher!

This is the first book from the “I became an expert!” doujinshi-series from artist Alpha. Some of you might be thinking “Hey! I’ve seen this art before!”, well, that’s because it’s also this artist who drew the CGs for various AkabeiSoft2 Visual Novels like “G-Senjou no Maou” (excellent one, try it out) or “Sharin no Kuni” (very good too).

As for this “I became an expert!” series, there are at least 7 sequels, and also there’s a prequel series named “I’ll become an expert!” (or something along those lines…), which also got like 7 parts. In short, a lot of work to do.
Collab between Mumeii-tl and our Eiri

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