#793: [Kai Hiroyuki] Female President’s Seductive Interview (COMIC Megastore Alpha 2014-10)


P352A man interviews for Core Magazine and finds that they have a rather interesting selection process.
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#780: (C81) [Asaiumi (Asami Asami)] Boku wa Sena no Oppai Niku wo Momitai (Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai)


(C81) [asaiumi (Asami Asami)] Boku wa Sena no Oppai Niku wo Momitai (Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai) (english) =TV=

Kodaka is groping Sena’s boobs in the club room and they proceed to have sex. Super duper über clever plot twist at the end.

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#774: (C86) [Popochichi (Yahiro Pochi)] Kaga-san Nuretemasu? (Kantai Collection)

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Kaga’s always been a meek, cold type of girl. However, after judging who is the “better” battleship between Nagato and Bismarck, her feelings finally come to the surface through the power of the di– love, through the power of love.

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#773: (C86) [Popochichi (Yahiro Pochi)] Amatsukaze-chan Asekkaki (Kantai Collection)

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(C86) [Popochichi (Yahiro Pochi)] Amatsukaze-chan Asekkaki (Kantai Collection)

Due to her high body temperature, Amatsukaze is always hot and sweaty. And what’s the perfect way to cool down an always-hot-and-sweaty kind of girl? By having hot and sweaty sex with her, of course!

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[Chimee House (Takapi)] Chiru Exposure 2

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000Crosslink of a barely-LWB project, featuring an exhibitionist schoolgirl fantasizes about exhibiting herself. Part one can be found here on Team Vanilla
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#739: (COMIC1☆7) [komorikiri. (Urin)] Chijou no Hoshi ~Toramaru Shou no Anal wo Zupozupo Suru Hon~ (Touhou Project)


001Cute tiger girl with a cute butt does anal. My favourite kind of deep plot.
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#695(Ou no Utsuwa) [Koi no Danmenzu (Iroito)] La Puselle/Pseudepigrapha (Fate)




Some kind of weird Fate/Apocrypha and Fate/Zero thing, where Ruler confesses her sluttiness and fucks a clergyman (Kotomine), and Bluebeard decides to dick Saber to teach her a lesson or something.

This is a sequel to another doujin where Ryuunosuke kinda/sorta tricked Ruler and banged her real good, thus her sluttiness. Sadly has not been scanned, and likely won’t be due to its rarity.


also this is utterly random and unrelated but happy guy fawkes day.




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