#767: [YUI_7] A Room Without Shiori

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coverA meeting and a parting.

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#764: [peachpulsar (Mira)] The sea, you, and the sun. ch 4 (End)


Screenshot 2014-07-10 05.01.39It took us a while, but here’s the epilogue!
Give a hand of applause for Chansu from Yuri-ism,
for working on all ~130 pages of this book.

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#759: [peachpulsar (Mira)] The sea, you, and the sun. ch 3


showerSorry for the wait! It’s the third and penultimate chapter!

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#756: [Ngmyu (Tohgarashi Hideyu)] Little Onions Beneath a Tree’s Shade. (Simoun)


tearsOfJoyLesbians and onions. I highly recommend Simoun to anyone who hasn’t watched it.

A joint effort with Yuri-ism.

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#753: [peachpulsar (Mira)] The sea, you, and the sun. ch 1&2


Screenshot 2014-05-22 07.06.15Whoa, take it slow there!

Another PeachPulsar work! Joint with Yuri-ism.

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#751: (C80) [G-Power! (SASAYUKi)] M☆M Erotic (Puella Magi Madoka☆Magica)


(C80) [G-Power! (SASAYUKi)] M☆M Erotic (Puella Magi Madoka☆Magica)Homura gets stepped on and humiliated by Madoka before they have sweet yuri sex (wait, are tentacles considered female or male?). Thanks to anya_ for the scan!

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#738: [Senpenbankashiki (DATE)] Uiharu no U Saten no Sa (Toaru Kagaku no Railgun)

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Payback for all those skirtflips. Collab with Yuri-ism.

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