#771: [Maeshima Ryo] Adult Games (Megamilk 21)



Middle schooler sells her body for some money and is almost bored. One day she finds a really skilled man who knows how to press the right buttons… And he makes her cum over and over. And over. Really, she basically melts down at the end.

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#770: [Popochichi (Yahiro Pochi)] Cock Conquest – Bouryaku no Zvezda


[Popochichi (Yahiro Pochi)] Cock Conquest - Bouryaku no Zvezda (ENG) =TV=

Zvezda’s new plan to take over the world: Gain control of the cocks.

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#769: [G-complex (YUI_7)] The Orange Prince and Words of Love


happilyneverafterA somewhat bittersweet story from Yui_7.

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#768: [NICOLAI (Orico)] Shoujo Peony


familyplanningSo what happens after you come out of the closet?
The usual joint with Yuri-ism.
You can read the prequel here.

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#767: [YUI_7] A Room Without Shiori

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coverA meeting and a parting.

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#766: (Kansai! Kemoket 2) [Ortensia (Shinobe)] Oh God, What Has Become of The Royal Mare? (My Little Pony Friendship is Magic)

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01 (9)JapAnon HiE is even more cringy than the regular kind,  but Molestia takes her due regardless.
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#765: My Younger Sister is a Scylla – Shamuran’s Happiness


001__000A cute be-tentacled imouto spends quality time with her onii-chan.
Prologue to *My Younger Sister is a Scylla* by Horitomo,
from his tank *Unreal Syndrome*.

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