#742: (C85) [Jenoa Cake (Takayaki)] Ware, Suzuya ni Kanpaisu (Kantai Collection)



Ship-girl ftw

As much as I disliked C85 for being taken over by KanColle (so much potential works lost because of some browser game), I have taken quite the liking to the ship-girls. The scenarios are limited, but the variety of girls more than makes up for it. So I guess C85 wasn’t a total loss after all. Then again, don’t take me seriously, I have very biased opinions.

Rants aside, enjoy some TakayaKi KanColle with Suzuya.
PS: I get to read up about a lot of Japanese Naval history thanks to these doujins.

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[Chimee House (Takapi)] Chiru Exposure 2

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000Crosslink of a barely-LWB project, featuring an exhibitionist schoolgirl fantasizes about exhibiting herself. Part one can be found here on Team Vanilla
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#740: [clesta] CL-orz 31 (Nisekoi)

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Typical setup: MC tries to get tomboy to wear girl clothes,
gets footjobs and sex instead.

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#739: (COMIC1☆7) [komorikiri. (Urin)] Chijou no Hoshi ~Toramaru Shou no Anal wo Zupozupo Suru Hon~ (Touhou Project)


001Cute tiger girl with a cute butt does anal. My favourite kind of deep plot.
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#738: [Senpenbankashiki (DATE)] Uiharu no U Saten no Sa (Toaru Kagaku no Railgun)

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Payback for all those skirtflips. Collab with Yuri-ism.

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#737: (C85) [Hannama (Serere)] Friends… (Nisekoi)


First Kuroneko and now this. Maybe I’m a…

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#736: [Yukiu Con] Asumi Pink File!


Girl wants attention from her brother, asks you to have sex with her
to make him jealous. Do you accept? Y/N

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